Can you help us with music choices?

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Of course! I chat with all my couples over the phone or on either Skype or FaceTime. I can also meet with you in person if you would prefer at my home. We can go through all the various parts of your ceremony and tailor the music to suit your vision for the day.

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Do you have a setlist?

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Yes. I provide a setlist with every enquiry. It is quite extensive, ranging from Bach to The Beatles, Classical guitar favourites, Jazz arrangements like the music of Gershwin & Carmichael, Movie & TV themes, Traditional Irish and of course a huge range of Flamenco & Spanish music which is particularly great for setting the mood [...]

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Can you learn new pieces for us?

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Yes, I can arrange and learn any new pieces that you would like for your ceremony. Because I am creating new instrumental guitar arrangements every time and not just learning a song in the typical fashion, it is a time consuming process. Therefore I will arrange a maximum of 2 new pieces at no extra [...]

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Do you play outside?

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Yes, provided it is not either cold or wet and only during the summer months. The venue needs to provide an outside power source for my sound equipment. If you choose to have your ceremony and/or drinks reception outside, make sure you have a backup plan!

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Do you sing?

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Only in the privacy of my home. What I offer is world class instrumental guitar music. If you would also like vocals for certain parts, I can provide both a wonderful Male and Female singer as part of a package. Just enquire for more details.

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