John Walsh Guitar Videos

Below are some videos of compositions from my 2020 album ‘Irlandalucía’ as well as some live videos, collabs and interviews.

You can pick up a copy of the album as well as PDF transcriptions of all the tracks in my online store


Andromeda (Seguiriyas) Part 1

Andromeda (Seguiriyas) Part 2

Irlandalucía (Zapateado)

Cassiopeia (Solea por Bulería)

Fuente Nueva (Bulerías)

Arco y Limonero (Alegrías)

Arco y Limonero 2(Alegrías) 

Dos Ríos (Soleá)

Falsetas por Soleá

Minera – Paco de Lucia Guitar Festival

Minera – Paco de Lucia Guitar Festival, Algeciras 2015

‘Side by Side’ – Collaboration with dancer Emily Kilkenny Roddy 

Interview with Ben Abrahamson. ‘John Walsh – Ireland’s Flamenco Guitarist’

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