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Goldberg Variations for Guitar

By |2022-06-04T06:50:50+00:00April 6th, 2022|Blog, News|

The Goldberg Variations for Guitar. A mammoth task... Last year I found myself taking on the rather foolish task of arranging Bach's Goldberg Variations for multiple guitars. Originally, I arranged and recorded the 1st Variation just to take my mind off what at the time, was the 2nd year of the inability to perform [...]

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Lanzamiento del álbum próximamente

By |2020-10-26T10:56:36+00:00October 26th, 2020|News|

Ya llegamos... Este año por fin tuve el tiempo para grabar mi esperado disco debut 'Irlandalucía’ - una de las pocas cosas positivas a salir de la situación COVID para mi. El disco está ahora en proceso de masterización en España y estoy finalizando el material gráfico para que pueda salir a imprenta. El [...]

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Album release coming soon…

By |2020-10-26T08:21:05+00:00October 23rd, 2020|News|

A long time coming.... This year, I finally had the time to record my long-awaited debut album ‘Irlandalucía’, one of the few positives to come out of the COVID situation for me. The album is now in Mastering stages in Spain, and I’m working on the artwork so it can then go to print. [...]

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Arts Council Music Bursary Award 2019

By |2019-05-23T13:32:29+00:00May 23rd, 2019|News|

I'm really delighted to have been awarded the Music Bursary Award for 2019 from Arts Council Ireland! It really means a lot to me to receive this award after the many years of hard work on this Flamenco obsession of mine. As part of the award I will be travelling to Spain in June [...]

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Knobloch Strings endorsement

By |2019-01-27T23:34:02+00:00January 27th, 2019|News|

I'm delighted to be have gotten an endorsement deal with Knobloch Strings and be part of the their Artist roster! I’ve been using these strings for the last few concerts I’ve done and they are really awesome. They take their work very seriously and it shows! Great tone and intonation and they record very [...]

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New Video – “Irlandalucía”

By |2019-01-27T23:34:50+00:00January 27th, 2019|News|

"Irlandalucía" After a busy couple of years, I finally found the time to record a video of my latest composition "Irlandalucía". It's a Zapateado with a mix of Irish & Flamenco influences that reflects my musical journey from Ireland to Andalucía and back again. A huge thanks to Gines Pozas, Kike Morente & Kostan [...]

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Limerick Flamenco Workshop

By |2018-10-17T22:55:15+00:00October 17th, 2018|News|

Limerick Flamenco Guitar Workshop I'll be giving a Flamenco Guitar workshop in Steamboat Music in Limerick on November 11th. It kicks off at 11am and will be 5 hours in length. Tickets at the door on the day at €50 per person. No previous experience with Flamenco necessary but a minimum of intermediate level [...]

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Dublin Flamenco Concert

By |2018-12-01T00:47:30+00:00October 17th, 2018|News|

Dublin Flamenco Concert. My 2nd of  2 performances with singer Maria Delgado, dancer Remedios Heredia and percussionist Gines Pozas will be in Arthurs Jazz & Blues club in Dublin on December 9th. Music starts at 4:30PM with doors open at 4:00PM. It will be a performance of traditional flamenco palos(song forms) as well as [...]

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Naas Flamenco Concert

By |2018-12-01T00:47:28+00:00October 17th, 2018|News|

Naas Flamenco Concert. I'm delighted to be bringing back singer Maria Delgado, dancer Remedios Heredia and percussionist Gines Pozas from Spain for 2 concerts in Ireland. The first performance is in Naas, in McAuley Place. Music starts at 8PM with doors open at 7:30PM. It will be a performance of traditional flamenco palos(song forms) [...]

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Chord Explorations Part 1

By |2018-01-20T00:58:05+00:00August 25th, 2015|Blog, Guitar Lessons, Music Theory|

Chord Explorations Part 1 - Adjacent Scale Tones Using adjacent scale tones within chords is an easy and fun way to create dense chord sounds, explore the soundboard and break out of typical chord shapes. It also is a nice way of opening up the harmonic possibilities of the tried and trusted major scale. (In [...]

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