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John’s 2020 debut album ‘Irlandalucía is available in CD format as well as a digital download.

Featuring 7 original Flamenco guitar compositions by John, this is a first of it’s kind for an Irish artist.
The album is already receiving international airplay and was listed as one of the ‘top albums of 2020’ by Ellen Cranitch on Ireland’s RTE Lyric FM.

Reviews and Press

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Irlandalucía review by

“A technically brilliant, deeply beautiful and affecting journey through the heartland of flamenco, and one that bears Walsh’s quite personal melodic, rhythmic and percussive stamp, Irlandalucía would likely draw more than a few approving olés in the flamenco shrines of Andalusia. Jaw droppingly good..
– Irlandalucía review – Ian Patterson,

“Each piece on the album has a different mood but it’s united by the common thread of John Walsh’s musical quest. There’s melody, depth, emotion and brilliant technical virtuosity, but also elegance… a very beautiful and haunting composition which manages to convey both lyrical freedom and grace…It’s really superb stuff” – Bernard Clarke, Lyric FM


Here you can find transcriptions of all the tracks from my album ‘Irlandalucía’, presented in both Standard Notation & Guitar TAB, in PDF format.

All transcriptions have been done by me personally with special care given to right hand fingering.
I am generally dissatisfied with transcriptions of Flamenco guitar that are available, which are usually only represented with a single voice, not really reflecting the true nature of the music.

For this reason I have employed 2 voices in many places within the scores.

Making clear the upper and lower voices makes it possible to give the score to players of other instruments(cello, flute etc) in a duo/trio setting.
In order to make the music as easy to read and learn as possible, I have made the decision to have 1 compás per line so you will never get lost when learning compás at a time. For this reason some scores have been presented in a landscape orientation.
Furthermore, in all 12-beat palos, I have clearly numbered every beat in the compás above the staff.
I hope you enjoy playing my music as much as I enjoyed composing it!

If you’d like to go into more depth, I offer both in-person and online guitar lessons.