Flamenco Guitar Lessons & Workshops

I have a passion for music education and for spreading awareness and increasing understanding of Flamenco music.
I bring my over 10 years of teaching experience to every class, drawing from the lessons I learned in Spain as well as my own insights into both music in general and Flamenco in particular.
As a non-Spaniard Flamenco guitarist, I have a deep understanding of the problems faced by students when approaching this music.
I specialise in demystifying music and I especially enjoy demystifying Flamenco. Because of this, my teaching takes a  no-nonsense approach;
You won’t hear anything about having ‘Spanish blood’, ‘Gypsy blood’, or any other blood for that matter.
What you will hear about is practice, dedication, a methodical approach to developing technique and improving musicality.
And what’s more, having fun while doing it!

Teaching Formats

All my flamenco students have access to the Students Area of my website where you they can download PDF’s and view videos of the material covered in class.

(password is provided in class)

To book a class, arrange a Flamenco Workshop in your area or for general information:

Useful Resources

Doctor Compas

DOCTOR COMPÁS™ is an app that simulates live flamenco rhythm accompaniment and revolutionizes the practice and study of all branches of flamenco.

Created by guitarist Jason McGuire “El Rubio” and Theoretical Physicist, Maissam Barkeshli, this innovative practice tool was years in the making and carefully designed to improve your flamenco rhythmic skills. Whether you are a guitarist, dancer or singer, student or professional, DOCTOR COMPÁS™ enhances your rhythmic accuracy and sense of soniqueté. Install it on your iPhone or Android, plug it into a sound system or earphones, hit the start button and play, sing or dance away.

Cante y Toque Website

A massive and comprehensive collection of Flamenco Letras and explanation of varying style within different palos by Norman Kliman.
A must for aficionados!


Letras, Compás, History. It’s all here! Spanish language only.

My Music Blog

I write on all topics related to Flamenco as well as guitar and music in general.

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