A long time coming….

This year, I finally had the time to record my long-awaited debut album ‘Irlandalucía’, one of the few positives to come out of the COVID situation for me.

The album is now in Mastering stages in Spain, and I’m working on the artwork so it can then go to print. I’m aiming to release the digital album in late November and the physical CD’s just before Christmas.

This album has been a work-in-progress for several years with many people asking me about its release throughout that time; I thank you all for your continued support and patience.

After such a difficult year for so many of us, it gives me hope to know that you may finally be listening to it before the end of the year.

I truly appreciate all the support I have received over the years and look forward to releasing it within the next few weeks!

The best way you can support me is by purchasing the album when it’s ready.

For now, please stay in touch by subscribing to my mailing list and sharing it with anyone who you think might be interested.

My email subscribers will be the first to know when the album is ready!
Many thanks again to everyone for all your support.

John Walsh Irlandalucía Press Shot