Here you can find transcriptions of my Flamenco guitar compositions presented in both Score & Guitar TAB.

All transcriptions have been done by me personally with special care given to right hand fingering.
I am generally dissatisfied with transcriptions of Flamenco guitar that are available, which are usually only represented with a single voice, not really reflecting the true nature of the music.

For this reason I have employed 2 voices in many places within the scores.

Making clear the upper and lower voices makes it possible to give the score to players of other instruments(cello, flute etc) in a duo/trio setting.
In order to make the music as easy to read and learn as possible, I have made the decision to have 1 compás per line so you will never get lost when learning compás at a time. For this reason some scores have been presented in a landscape orientation.
Furthermore, in all 12-beat palos, I have clearly numbered every beat in the compás above the staff.
I hope you enjoy playing my music as much as I enjoyed composing it!