• John Walsh - Irlandalucía Album Cover
    The debut studio album from John Walsh, released December 7th 2020. Physical CD “Each piece on the album has a different mood but it’s united by the common thread of John Walsh’s musical quest. There’s melody, depth, emotion and brilliant technical virtuosity, but also elegance… a very beautiful and haunting composition which manages to convey both lyrical freedom and grace…It’s really superb stuff” – Bernard Clarke, Lyric FM "The guitarist's playing is so clear that one often has the impression that one is reading the scores as one listens to the performances. There is no surgical coldness, however, as the dynamic rendering of the phrasing permanently animates the kaleidoscopic frames of most of the pieces.......The density of writing of the zapateado "Irlandalucía" is based on the shimmering of moving modulations which relentlessly renew the sound colors of repetitive patterns and keep us constantly spellbound" - Claude Worms, Flamenco Critic @ See full review by Claude Worms here: Flamencoweb Review Track listing 01 - Irlandalucía (Zapateado) 02 - Reflejo y Sombra (Minera) 03 - Arco y Limonero (Alegrías) 04 - Dos Ríos (Soleá) 05 - La Añoranza (Taranta) 06 - Cassiopeia (Soleá por Bulerías) 07 - Fuente Nueva (Bulerías) Running Time: 47 mins Featuring: Ruven Ruppik, Pepe Rodriguez, Gines Pozas, Dani Bonilla, Jorge Pérez
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