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Chord Explorations Part 1

Chord Explorations Part 1 – Adjacent Scale Tones Using adjacent scale tones within chords is an easy and fun way to create dense chord sounds, explore the soundboard and break out of typical chord shapes. It also is a nice way of opening up the harmonic possibilities of the tried and trusted major scale. (In […]

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Understanding 7th Chords (Basic)

Understanding 7th Chords (Basic) A subject that sometimes causes┬áconfusion for beginner guitarists is the whole area of 7th chords. These chords crop up all the time in many songs and are an essential part of any guitarist’s chord repertoire. The intention here is to provide an intuitive and simple guide to understanding and learning 7th […]

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Understanding Keys & Chord Progressions (Basic)

Understanding Keys & Chord Progressions (Basic) Learning a few basics about Keys & Chord Progressions can make a real difference if you are new to working out songs by ear or transcription in general. I’m going to try to explain these subjects as concisely as possible, avoiding academic terminology as much as possible. A chord […]

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