Chord Explorations Part 1

Chord Explorations Part 1 – Adjacent Scale Tones Using adjacent scale tones within chords is an easy and fun way to create dense chord sounds, explore the soundboard and break out of typical chord shapes. It also is a nice way of opening up the harmonic possibilities of the tried and trusted major scale. (In […]

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Understanding 7th Chords (Basic)

Understanding 7th Chords (Basic) A subject that sometimes causes¬†confusion for beginner guitarists is the whole area of 7th chords. These chords crop up all the time in many songs and are an essential part of any guitarist’s chord repertoire. The intention here is to provide an intuitive and simple guide to understanding and learning 7th […]

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Spicing up your RH arpeggio practice

Spicing up your RH arpeggio practice Here is a simple way to both make your Right Hand arpeggio practice more interesting as well as making your arpeggios more even. In all the examples of tablature and notation below I have put brackets around the note which should land on the beat. The chord is a […]

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Understanding Keys & Chord Progressions (Basic)

Understanding Keys & Chord Progressions (Basic) Learning a few basics about Keys & Chord Progressions can make a real difference if you are new to working out songs by ear or transcription in general. I’m going to try to explain these subjects as concisely as possible, avoiding academic terminology as much as possible. A chord […]

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Guitar Festival of Ireland

My concert this Sunday as part of the Guitar Festival of Ireland is now SOLD OUT! Many thanks to everyone who bought tickets for the night. See you all on Sunday!

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Playing the Paco de Lucia Guitar Festival

Exciting news! I am delighted and really honoured to have been invited to play at the 2nd Paco de Lucia Guitar Festival in his home-town of Algeciras in July. I will be playing a short concert on July 22nd. It is really a very special moment for me to be playing at this festival in […]

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Bourbon Interview

It was a pleasure to be interviewed and featured recently on’s Masters Series Check it out below! Interview with

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Interview on ‘Tribu de Miguelon’

It was a pleasure to be interviewed and featured recently on the famous Madrid-based Flamenco radio show called ‘Tribu de Miguelon’ We conducted the interview in Spanish on Skype and spoke about how I got into Flamenco, my favourite artists, my philosophy as a musician and how it was that an Irishman ended up playing […]

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Learn Flamenco Guitar in Ireland – 10 Week Course in RIAM

For anyone in that ever wanted to learn Flamenco Guitar in Ireland; I will be starting a 10 week course in Flamenco Guitar on November 24th in the Royal Irish Academy of Music. The course will be aimed at 2 levels, Beginners/Intermediate & Advanced. So whether you are new to flamenco or already a player, […]

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Recent Concerts with Jose Manuel Leon & Friends

I had the pleasure last month of performing in ¬†with one of my favourite guitarists Jose Manuel Leon along with Salvador Andrades, Maria Delgado, Alicia Carrasco, Gines Pozas and Pepe Rodriguez. We performed at the Ards International Guitar Festival to a full house and standing ovation as well as 2 smaller gigs in Hotspot Greystones […]

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